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Galiso Staff and Products Around the World The Galiso Team on the occasion of Galiso's 50th Anniversary! WHAT'S NEW? - Double Click Image To See Chris Hinchey with Airsafe Sweden Crew: Johan, Magnus, Dennis and Tim Chris Hinchey with Shenyang Cylinder Crew New Install at MERITO, Hong Kong Ivy, Kit, Steve, Hogan, Beatrice and Amy at MERITO, Hong Kong Merito, Hong Kong Seaboard - New Jersey KBC Hydro KBC Hydro Lanielle, Teslin, Sibanda & Siya at Global Gases, Capetown, South Africa King Lai, TAIWAN Cramer Decker @ Compressed Cylinder Services Inc., San Diego and Escondido, CA Ray with K.M. Pai & Staff at Mauria Udyog LTD. India's largest LPG cylinder manufacturing facility. Mauria Udyog LTD., India, manufactures 20,000 cylinders daily. Chris, Paul & Kyle at Linde Canada, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 5 Alarm Fire and Safety Equipment, LLC., Delafield, Wisconsin, USA Galiso's Rick Wright with the crew at Destini Berhad, Malaysia National Firefighters, Portland, Oregon: Joseph, Tim & Neale Jeremiah & Marcos testing on their new REC4-214 system.  Oxarc, Pasco, WA. Jeremiah, Jarrod, Marcos & Mark, Oxarc, Pasco, WA Galiso's Steve Hallenborg with Air Pro Crew, Taiwan Cylinder Testing at El Al facility, Israel El Al Airlines Cylinder Testing Crew, Israel Qantas, in Australia BOCLH Team Taiwan BOCLH Crew, Taiwan IGL Crew, Trinidad Linde Crew, Puerto Rico CNG Testing System, Cimmaron Composites, Tom Delay Ipad being used with Galiso Cycle Tester Aircraft Systems Maintenance at Lufthansa Technique, Manilla Appalachian Hydrotesting, U.S.A. BP Alaska, Prudhoe Bay Chris operates the GVM Valver with Shield, Galiso Inc Galiso Network PLC Control for Lam PTX Alliance, USA Galiso Proof Pressure Tester, Accra, Ghana Head Repair Class at Galiso Seminar Inside the Oilind Safety Mobile Unit John works with an Automated Test System at Galiso Merito Technical Services adds a second REC4 Open in Hong Kong Multiport Heads, Jacobs Industries, Whitehorse, Canada Our Master Welder Jeff at Galiso Randy works with schoolkids on a field trip to Galiso Ray on an install, Abdullah Hashim, Saudi Arabia REC4 at Scuba Services, Belgium REC4 Automated Test Station, Asahi Seisakusho, Japan REC4 Automated VHT for Small Composite Cylinders, AMS, Taiwan REC4 Giant Bicycle, Taiwan REC4 MCS International, Germany Santa Rosa Fire, Santa Rosa, CA Siltek, Kuala Lumpur Twin GTCs at Mermaid Safety, Thailand W.H. Brennan, Singapore GFS-360 Fill System 01 W.H. Brennan, Singapore GFS-360 Fill System 02 W.H. Brennan, Singapore GFS-360 Fill System 03 W.H.Brennan, Singapore Zodiak, Singapore Computerized hydrostatic testing with code table for test parameters and email test results. Automated test system computer and PLC control components Automated test system pressure and expansion circuit components

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Since 1962, Galiso, Inc. has established a worldwide standard for quality and
productivity that meets or exceeds DOT regulations.

Our goal is to provide the compressed gas cylinder industry with a wide array of products
and equipment that serve all facets of cylinder testing and handling. In this effort, we provide
cylinder manufactures and re-qualifiers with state of the art test systems, cylinder inverters,
cylinder driers, valving machines, Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing, shot blasters, cylinder
maintenance tools and unsurpassed customer support.

Galiso proudly presents our full line of products for the manufacturer and re-qualifier of low
and high pressure gas cylinders. Our sales and technical support services personnel stand
ready for your review of the following pages.

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