The World Class Hydrostatic Cylinder Test Facility

At the heart of the modern hydrostatic test facility is a patented Automated Test System from Galiso, Inc. Along with a full complement of technologically advanced support equipment, one will obtain unbeatable testing speed, accuracy, and simplicity of operation. With the benefit of Galiso's test systems one can truly maximize the number of cylinders tested—each and every shift.

Every Galiso component is engineered and manufactured to be highest quality standard thus ensuring trouble free operation. When operational, service, or equipment training questions arise, Galiso has the best Customer Support group in the industry—ready to help you!

The Complete Galiso Test Facility Begins with an Automated System and is Supported by:

                                                                                GVM-16G High Speed Turn air Valving Machines
                                                           RCSG or CFS Automatic Cylinder Filling Systems
                                                            GAH Air Operated Hoist
                                                            PCT Cylinder Inverter and Drier
                                                            ISB Internal Shot Blasting and VST-9 Tumbling Systems
                                                            External Shot Blaster

                                                            Opti-Life Inspection Light Kit
                                                            GTK Cylinder Tool Kit